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Welcome to 88Designs, an African Excellence Award-winning agency on a mission to propel Africa into the global forefront of technology, software development, and digital innovation.

Pioneering Bold Solutions: Transforming Africa and Inspiring the World.

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Pioneering Bold Solutions: Transforming Africa and Inspiring the World.

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Creating Impactful Products • Helping Africa Thrive •

Our journey began with a clear purpose:
to bolster a Modern-World Class Africa where technology and creativity merge to impact lives

We see ourselves as the architects of a new African narrative a narrative that is bold, visionary, and limitless in its aspirations. Our commitment lies in spearheading Africa's transformation through innovation, fostering collaboration, creating impactful digital products, and nurturing entrepreneurship.

In the pursuit of our vision, we've honed our focus on pivotal sectors that shape a vibrant future for the continent to empower learners, enhance healthcare access, drive economic change and nurture future leaders and innovators.

  • Health
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Entrepreneurship

Our Clients & Partners

We are firm believers in nurturing mutual partnerships with our clients, where we collaborate closely to transform visions into reality.

Milestones of Excellence

A Commitment to Excellence: Quality is our hallmark.
We strive for excellence in every line of code we write and every pixel we craft.

Our Recent Prestigious Accomplishments:
Honorary Awards.

Step into Our Mission:
Seize the moment

Venture into a realm of boundless possibilities and become a pivotal part of our bold journey. Explore a spectrum of career openings and unite with us to carve a future that transforms Africa.

Whether you're an accomplished expert or a recent graduate, seize the opportunity to leave an indelible mark and embark on a fulfilling expedition with us. Join us in our bold quest to redefine and uplift Africa.

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